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Artistic Development
Business Management
Event Bookings

The growth of your craft and mastering of your skills is essential to your success. Champagne Campaign exists to utilize strategy, resources, and interpersonal connections to provide our talent roster with every tool accessible to become the great they are destined to be!


Champagne Campaign is in your corner to ensure that your business is in order! Many talent acts throughout various industries personally abstain from the tedious task of ensuring the back end of their creative operation is in good standing. Things such as negotiations, contracts, patents, & all the headaches that come with your creative talent is something we will take on with you joining the campaign.

Putting you and your talent anywhere, at anytime, in any place, in front of any crowd type & size will be professionally planned, scheduled, and executed by our event staff. We will work around the clock before your event to make sure that your talent will be presented to the audience in a way that speaks to what you love to do.



Ensuring that the media is aware of your talent can be the determining factor that brings you closer to success. Traditional/Print/Radio & Social media platforms can be professionally utilized by our team to get what you do in front of who needs to see it.


The financial resources to ensure your talents are properly developed, managed and distributed professionally are taken on by our company. Your personal budget will always be taken into account, a projection of annual earnings through your talents, and any commission earnings can be managed by Champagne Campaign.

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